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Service packages

All prices include VAT 24%. We will give cooperatives 25% discount of the normal package prices.

All packages includes MySQL database, PHP support, sub-domains (eg, statistics,. .htaccess files, mod_rewrite, SSL access from address as well as many more needed features to maintain high-quality web sites.

All e-mail accounts include automatic virus scanning and spam filtering, possibility to read e-mails via IMAPS and web browser, as well as much more features an efficient and secure e-mail communication requires.

Sangen vaikuttava (Sange's impressive)

Sange's impressive is more than web hosting! Service is maintained in a separate server optimized for Drupal and WordPress and delivered to asiakkalle on a turnkey basis. Works well with associations or companies.

An easy to use way to communicate online. You are responsible only for the content and we do the rest! Ask for a quote

Sangen mainio (Sange's splendid)

Web hosting
SQL database
Mail aliases
Mailing lists
10 accounts at most with the mailboxes
1000 MB hard disk space for web pages
2000 MB hard disk space for mailboxes
Initial fee of 50 euros and 25 euros per month or 200 euros per year

Sangen kelpo (Sange's worthy)

Web hosting
SQL database
A moderate amount of mail aliases
One account with mailbox
100 MB hard disk space for web pages
200 MB for mailbox
Initial fee of 30 euros and 15 euros per month or 120 euros per year

Sangen säälittävä (Sange's pathetic)

Web hosting
SQL database
One account with mailbox
10 MB hard disk space for web pages
200 MB for mailbox
Initial fee of 20 euros and 10 euros per month or 80 euros per year

Sangen huoleton (Sange's carefree)

200 MB mailbox
Initial fee of 10 euros and 30 euros per year
You may choose your e-mail address from, for example, or (or you can add your own domain to the package).

Are you interested? Send your enquiries and orders to All service packages are under Sange's Service conditions.